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Play Swords

Play Swords

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Be the captain of a ship. Command a royal army, save the Shire, protect the princess. All within the safety of your own imagination. 

Each wooden swords is crafted of maple, to be both attractive and durable, finished with a simple oil to protect it from all the elements as well as your young ones from harmful chemicals. 

A replaceable, and interchangeable crossguard will protect fingers from being wacked. 
More designs will be made at a later date. 


16.5" total length 

~10" "blade"

~6" handle 

1.75 at the thickest 

~3.5" x ~5" Crossguard


Also, it is a wooden sword, its reasonably hard, but I've done what I can to mitigate any glaring risks, such as rounding the point and edges. Expect to take a couple shots to the shins, ( I have) just be smart and responsible. Supervise your children if necessary, or better yet, just fight the bad guys with them.  

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