Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are your products from? Who makes them?
We design, cut, sand, finish, and package everything in our home here in Oregon. We don't resell products, purchase from wholesalers, or outsource any products.

Where do you get your wood?
We typically source our wood from local lumberyards here in Salem and Portland. All of the wood from these lumberyards are sourced straight from trees in the PNW. We prioritize using hard woods over soft woods for their durability and quality. There are certain products we use soft woods for but the majority of our items are made with hard wood. Quality is one of our top priorities! 

Do you stain your wood? How are pieces finished?
Our kids toys are all finished with a kid safe mineral oil. We know how important safety is to parents and how many toys end up in kids' mouths so we created all of our kids' toys to be safe for chewing on. We do not stain or paint our kids' products for safety reasons. If you ever see different colored wood, that is the wood's natural color and it has not been stained. For custom orders and home decor, you can request that these be stained. 

What is your turnaround time for items that are not in stock?
Depending on the season, it may vary. Typically orders can be fulfilled within 10-14 days since most orders are custom made. 

Do you make things that are not for kids or take custom orders?
We sure do! We love making kids toys but also love doing custom orders. Clients often send inspo pics or ask if we are able to do certain projects. We work with the customer to design something custom for them and their needs. We've  done shelves, topography maps, headboards, coffee tables, cutting boards, you name it! Just send us an email and let's get talking!