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Magnetic Numbers

Magnetic Numbers

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Our beautiful magnetic numbers are perfect for learning and playing with! All magnets are embedded into the letters are are covered with wood to give a smooth, flat surface. Everything is finished with a nontoxic oil and the perfect size for those little hands. Our letters come in black walnut and maple. Each set comes with an extra 1. These fit our number puzzle bases. You can purchase these separately if you don't already have one and would like one! 

*Although we do our very best to make a high quality & safe product, we want to remind you that we do not recommend that kids chew on these since there are small magnets inside. As always, like with any toy out there, please use caution when giving these to your little ones. Each set is made to order, we recommend letting them dry for a few days or so before using them to hang any artwork up so any undried oil will not leach into that art. 

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